Phoenix Youth Basketball Club
We teach all ages the fundamentals that make great basketball players. Call our club basketball team today! We are Phoenix, AZ's original basketball club.
    • Club Basketball

      We are Phoenix, Arizona's original basketball club. Our club offers tournaments, lessons, and leagues.

      Our 2010 Club Basketball Team in Phoenix
    • Basketball Camps

      Our club offers basketball camps to youth basketball players. Ages 10-17 both boys and girls.

      Basketball Camps in Phoenix, AZ - All Seasons
    • Basketball Lessons

      Remember practice makes perfect! We hold weekly club basketball practices in Phoenix for all players.

      Perfect Your Basketball Skills With Practice
    • AZ Club Basketball

      Individual one-on-one training for all ages. Call today to learn more about our team camps and training techniques in Phoenix.

    • AZ Club Basketball is Phoenix, Arizona's original basketball club. We teach children and teens under the age of 18 the fundamentals that make great basketball players. Our basketball club in Phoenix has been hosting tournaments, camps, and lessons for over 5 years. Our basketball players leave with essential skills and knowelege of the game. No matter what your skill level may be, AZ Club Basketball in Phoenix can help improve your basketball game. Call today to sign up!

    • 480-658-3605

    • Basketball in Phoenix

Club Basketball in Phoenix, Arizona

AZ Club Basketball in Phoenix, Arizona is a club basketball team that hosts camps, leagues, lessons, and basketball tournaments. Our basketball club has been training youth basketball players ages 18 and under for years in the Phoenix area. We successfully teach boys and girls the skills they need to become great basketball players. We train our players the basic fundamentals to improve their basketball skills and knoweledge of the game. Our coaches improve players lives on and off the court. Our players learn to be honest hard working team players when they are in the gym or outside the gym. Call today to sign your child up for AZ Club Basketball! 480-658-3605

AZ Club Basketball is located in Phoenix, Arizona but we also host lessons, leagues, camps, and tournaments in Scottsdale, AZ. Children from all over the Valley attend our club basketball team because we offer affordable prices and top-of-the-line education and training. Our coaches specialize in 1-on-1 training and interaction with our players. We ensure each player improves their specific troubled areas after attending our basketball club in Phoenix. Most importantly, all of our players have fun and enjoy healthy excerises that keep them in shape and ready for school basketball. Call today to sign up your child! 480-658-3605

We teach all ages the fundamentals that make great basketball players.
    • Basketball Leagues

      We hold basketball leagues and camps in Phoenix for children and teens age 18 and under.

      Basketball Leagues in Phoenix, AZ
    • Tournaments/Games

      AZ Club Basketball holds games and tournaments on a regular basis in our Phoenix club.

      Youth Basketball Tournaments in Phoenix
    • 1 on 1 Coaching

      We provide one-on-one coaching and training for youth basketball players in the Phoenix area.

      One-On-One Coaching and Training in Phoenix
    • Parent Testimonials

      • Steven Johnson Phoenix, AZ “When my son started AZ Club Basketball he was having troubles with his left hand layups. Now he can easily layup with his left hand.”
      • Melissa Eckert Scottsdale, AZ “Both of my children enjoy the AZ Club Basketball program so much that we sign them up for summer, spring, and fall camps.”
    • Basketball Lessons

      Our Club Basketball lessons in Phoenix, Arizona include training and drills for all of the following:

      • Dribbling Drills and Lessons
      • Layup Drills and Lessons
      • Passing Drills and Lessons
      • Shooting Drills and Lessons
      • Defensive Drills and Lessons
      • Team Work Drills and Lessons
  • Life Lessons & Morals

    We train our club basketball members in Phoenix to be good people on and off the court.

    • No foul language allowed in our gyms
    • No putting other players down
    • We teach team work
    • There is no bullying
    • Our players learn respect
    • Exercise relieves stress