• Competitive Tourneys

      We hold competitive basketball tournaments for all ages. Sign up for our tournaments today!

      Competitive Basketball Tournaments in Phoenix
    • Games With Referees

      All of our basketball tournaments in Phoenix are refereed by professional and experienced referees.

      Basketball Games With Referees in Phoenix
    • Youth Tournaments

      We host youth basketball tournaments for young kids in Phoenix. Starting at age 6 to age 10.

      Kids Basketball Tournaments in Phoenix, AZ
AZ Club Basketball Hosts Competitive Basketball Tournaments for All Ages in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our youth basketball players enjoy face paced competitive tournaments and games with real referees!

Basketball Tournaments in Phoenix, AZ

AZ Club Basketball hosts full court bracket style tournaments that are competitive and exciting for kids of all ages. Our basketball tournaments in Phoenix are held once every three months in an indoor gymnasium in Phoenix, Arizona. Parents are welcome to come and support their children playing basketball with real referees and sideline coaches. The winning team of each tournament is awarded with an AZ Club Basketball Championship Trophy and invited to play in the next tournament for free! We hold basketball tournaments for all age groups if enough players and teams sign up. Call today to sign up your team in an exciting basketball tournament hosted by AZ Club Basketball in Phoenix, Arizona.

We teach all ages the fundamentals that make great basketball players.
    • Basketball Camps

      Our club offers basketball camps to youth basketball players. Ages 10-17 both boys and girls.

      Basketball Camps in Phoenix, AZ - All Seasons
    • Basketball Lessons

      Remember practice makes perfect! We hold weekly club basketball practices in Phoenix for all players.

      Basketball Lessons in Phoenix, AZ - All Ages
    • 1 on 1 Coaching

      We provide one-on-one coaching and training for youth basketball players in the Phoenix area.

      One-On-One Coaching and Training in Phoenix